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    Nature via Nurture
    by Matt Ridley
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    "I read e-books on the Kindle app, constantly. The books and CDs on my shelves are merely the fossil record."
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    Various books...
    ... on evolutionary theory
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    Bad Science
    Ben Goldacre's book
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    The God Delusion
    by Richard Dawkins

Editor: Baba Brinkman is no ordinary mortal: he combines 4 of my favourite things – rap, learning, evolutionary theory, and mash ups. He's the brains who turned the Canterbury Tales in to The Rap Canterbury Tales, and who created the award-winning Rap Guide to Evolution.

Who are you?

I'm a cross between Geoffrey Chaucer, Charles Darwin, and Jay-Z, a science-minded storytelling lyricist.  My work is a form of stylized communication for the dual purpose of entertainment and edification, and my chosen subject matter is haphazard but fairly consistently intellectual.  In other words I'm a didactic rapper, and it never ceases to surprise me that there's a market for such a thing.

What's your favorite thing on your desk?

Conformism be damned, it's my iPhone.  The main reason?  Because I read e-books on the Kindle app, constantly.  The books and CDs on my shelves are merely the fossil record, bearing witness to the legacy of our recent cultural evolution into the digital world, at least when it comes to content.  Socializing and sharing experiences is still better in person.

What would make your space even better?

All of the books and CDs would be digitized, and I would have a bit more legroom, or better yet, an office to work in (the desk is at the foot of my bed).

Any words of wisdom for your readers?

Try not to mistake your personal preferences for moral virtues, or vice versa.

Editor: Thanks for the interview, Baba!
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