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By dougshaw

21st Jan 2011

Category: What's on your desk?

  1. 1
    Guitar Strings
    Let's rock!
    Editor: Amazon
  2. 2
    Photo of Keira
    She's cool
  3. 3
    Money and Plectrums
    Makes the world go round.
  4. 4
    Hand Cream
    For youthfulness
    Editor: Amazon
  5. 5
    Moleskine Notepad
    Green is a colour I like. How about you?
    Editor: Amazon
  6. 6
    He is playing golf, a game I hate.
  7. 7
  8. 8
    Bit big, might get a smaller one next time
  9. 9
    Needs Painting
    Hadn't noticed this before today - oops!
  10. 10
    Playing Cards
    Great for playing games of cards. Playing helps me think of new ideas
  11. 11
    five years old now, that's ancient tech wise
    Editor: Amazon
  12. 12
    Hemp Foot Cream
    For real men!
    Editor: The Body Shop
  13. 13
    Marketing Ideas
    These were drawn by my 8 year old daughter Keira
  14. 14
    Iphone 4
    I have Angry Birds on this - a great distraction!
    Editor: Amazon
  15. 15
    Data cable
  16. 16
    Old fashioned landline
    The Victorians used these to call their butlers
  17. 17
    Business Cards
    Theirs and mine. I handmake a lot of my own business cards
  18. 18
    Antique Marmalade Pot
    A friend of mine dug this up and I filled it with pens
  19. 19
    This book is written by Paul Arden and I give copies away to friends and customers
    Editor: Amazon
  20. 20
    Bottle Neck
    For playing slide guitar
    Editor: Amazon
  21. 21
    Nintendo DS
    Mainly for playing Professor Layton games on the train
    Editor: Amazon

Who are you?

I’m Doug Shaw, I run my own business called What Goes Around. I encourage people to understand who they’re connected with – in work, anywhere – and to have better conversations to make work better. I love meeting and talking with people, and asking questions and listening carefully to the answers. What motivates me is helping people to make work better. I am often asked to help people review, write and implement engagement strategies. In the last year I have been fortunate to work with all kinds of different organisations. Public, private, charitable and not for profit.

I enjoy being Dad for 8 year old Keira, and husband for Carole. I also like to ride my bicycle. The Clash are my favourite rock band.

What’s your favourite thing on your desk?

That’s a tough one. … Right now, my favourite things are some marketing ideas my daughter is helping me with – she’s drawn these really cool little cards for my experiment "Stop Doing Dumb Things to Customers". They’re useful for work, and they remind me of her, so they cross boundaries: they’re both very personal and professional.

What would make your space even better?

I’m embarrassed to say that when I took the photo, I suddenly realised I hadn’t painted the gaps behind the radiators. I could do with a pot of paint to brighten the place up. Functionally, it’s a great work desk, I have everything I need. If I was going to be extravagant, I’d say some kind of coffee machine, a Nespresso – I’d probably never leave here if I got one of those!

Any words of wisdom for your readers?

Encourage one another
I believe very strongly in the power of encouragement: not big ra-ra stuff, just a little pat on the shoulder. We often forget to do that kind of thing for each other. I’m on a mission to encourage people to encourage one another.

Be interested in other people
One of the things that has helped me in my life and career is to be interested in other people.

Proceed until apprehended
I see people in organisations bound up in problems that are largely of their own making. There’s nothing in the rule book saying they can’t do it, they’ve just forgotten how to do it. Then I see people tentatively “proceed until apprehended” and achieve great things as a result.

Without people, you’re nothing
I’m a big fan of The Clash, and the late great Joe Strummer is one of my heroes. He coined the phrase “Without people, you’re nothing”. The temptation is to plough our own furrow. I’m nothing on my own, I don’t know very much – but put me with other like-minded people, and I can do great stuff. That’s one I get quite emotional about.

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  • kullar

    21 January 2011, 11:29

    Aaaa moleskin notepad. I seem to have filled up mine. Time for a shopping trip! There is a certain 'refreshing, start new' pleasure in buying moleskins.

  • stephenhau

    21 January 2011, 13:45

    Mine is almost full ... luckily, a lovely lady bought me a set of Pac Man anniversary Moleskines!

  • Nym Lotay

    23 January 2011, 17:05

    simple; practical and useable; missing the in/out trays; or pending stack. nice to see you are still going strong; you're great encouragement as ever; wishing you a fantastic 2011.

    See ya at the top!


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