Software I use and why I use it

By kullar

8th Nov 2010

Category: Desktop screen

  1. 1
    Black organisation boxes
    What are these black fence boxes? Brilliant program called 'fences' that helps you organise the desktop into neat areas
  2. 2
    I have all the major browsers to allow testing of my website
  3. 3
    Bitbucket dynamic version control
    These are the bitbucket DVCS folders where I can make changes to my website's source files and push them to the team
  4. 4
    once upon a time, I used to write code in notepad when people used programs like Visual Studio. I refused to do that and my only major upgrade was to notepad++ but I still have a habit of firing open notepad to write something i think of. There is something good about a simple clean open box to write things in. Windows should allow this where i type in an empty space and it just stores what i type in a new file
  5. 5
    Focus booster
    Helps me work productively by doing 25 minute 'focus boosts' of work followed by 5 minute breaks. It's essentially a simple timer but it is the difference between getting things done in a day that could take 3 days
  6. 6
    yep, love it. It's fast and slightly addictive, which is why I need the focus booster app!
  7. 7
    free music! create your own playlists, even create a homework playlist full of music that helps you concentrate

This is not my laptop (which I'm currently wiping and restoring) but I've set this one up in a similar way to my usual interface using 'fences' and my standard set of apps.

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  • kullar

    8 November 2010, 16:47

    'recent things' is a dump box for files until they get sorted into a dump box folder called 'desktop tidy'

  • stephenhau

    8 November 2010, 16:47

    Yeah, notepad++ ftw!* Closest I can get to doing what you want is right click on desktop, new text document.

    *until I migrate my life to Ubuntu.

  • Ismael

    22 March 2015, 10:10

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